2016 Celebration of Life Service

Last week we had our Celebration of Life service. We had great speakers and an appreciative audience.

Chaplain Frank Queen from Lourdes Hospice shared some interesting information about grieving. He noted that in this modern time, we don’t mourn the way we did in times past. We have a funeral and expect everyone to go on with their lives after a couple of days.

I remembered that very afternoon. I made several reminder calls about our service and it was clear  that some family members were still suffering from the loss of their loved one. A couple of days and a nice funeral just do not complete the mourning process.

Pastor Kevin Gaunce pointed out that growing older helps us recognize and long for our true home, our home with our heavenly father. He shared personal stories about people he has observed, and pointed out that our elders are people with a history and it is good to know the real person, the things that they did in life, their hopes and dreams, and accomplishments and families.

I am often reminded of this when I attend a funeral. Usually there are videos and pictures of the person in earlier years. At one of these funerals, a wife told me tearfully that she wished we could have known her husband as he was in those pictures.

We had beautiful music performed by Savanna Gardener and I thought of the blessing of music. It is such a pleasure to be uplifted through song.

Quality of Life Director Judy Yetter decorated and worked hard in several ways for this service. She spoke eloquently about our efforts to make our Oakview home a true home for our elders. We put a lot of effort into getting to know our elders in a meaningful way. It is a blessing to discover our elders’ history, to find out who they really are.

The service truly is a celebration of life. It is good to remember.

Christmas Tree with bulbs for families and volunteers
Christmas Tree with bulbs for families and volunteers.