February Fun

February has been lots of fun so far at Oakview! We’ve had bunches of great activities, including a Groundhog Day Social, our own Super Bowl, and yummy treats for several days around Valentine’s Day. The weather has been weird—warm one day and cold the next!

Our bunny, Siggy, continues to win the affection of practically everyone. Who can resist a soft warm little furry creature who loves to be petted? We’ve noticed the days getting longer—yeah! Not too long until spring! Several of our families visit often and we claim them as our own. Friendly pets show up most days, accompanied by stakeholders and family members. Our wonderful volunteers bring sunshine to the hearts of elders and staff. We are thankful for people who give themselves for our elders.

All-in-all, to quote Mr. Rogers, at Oakview, “it’s a beautiful day in our neighborhood!”