Special Springtime Delight

After finding the season’s first strawberries the last weekend in April, CEO Sarah Stewart provided our elders with a tasty seasonal surprise and a fun-packed afternoon. In came several boxes of plump, sweet, juicy strawberries virtually calling out, “We need shortcake and whipped cream!”

Several elders stepped up to the plate (um . . . pun intended!) and helped prepare by washing and capping the plump little orbs of delight. Others prepared the bowls with shortcake and stood by with whipped cream. Then bowls were filled . . . and filled . . . and filled. Not many would turn down this delightful treat.

Soon elders began appearing on the horizon with sniffing noses and hungry eyes. All were rewarded with a bowl of this refreshing springtime dish.

Only one complaint was murmured throughout the sleepy-eyes and empty bowls; “I wish I had room for more!”