Ms. Barbara dedicated her life to two things: her family and her career. Starting out as a nurse aid, Barbara eventually earned her LPN (License Practical Nurse) and then went on to earn her RN (Registered Nurse). Her dedication and passion for Long Term Care was inspiring to anyone who worked with her. Ms. Barbara was a charge nurse here at Oakview, serving Elders alongside one of her daughters, who is also an RN.

Today, we want to take the time to celebrate a lady who dedicated herself to caring for those when they couldn’t care for themselves. We are so blessed to have Ms. Barbara as a resident here on the Bridge at Oakview. She is a treasured member of our community and we couldn’t be more thrilled to feature her in our first #ALZaboutUs post. We gave Ms. Barbra a stethoscope and asked her if she remembered how to use it. She said, “Well of course. Do you need me to take your blood pressure?” Once a nurse, always a nurse.

Cheers to you Ms. Barbara!