Noble Park Picnic

On Tuesday the 22nd of October our facility and 3 other local facilities joined at Noble Park and had a Community Picnic “Getting to know you.” We had 2 nursing facilities and 2 Assisted Living Facilities. Every facility brought food, desserts, chips, & drinks. After lunch they played corn hole, danced, punching balloons & played on the playground just-a-swinging. The local newspaper, Paducah Sun, and TV station, WPSD TV, came and did stories about our elders and residents. We were on the TV Tuesday night at 5 & 10. The Paducah Sun did a story for the paper and it came out on Wednesday. What a time they all had! One lady, 86, said she had not been on a swing since 1970. Elders & residents totaled 36. We hope to make this an annual event with more facilities. Great day!