Psalm 51:10 (New International Version)

10 Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a
steadfast spirit within me

As we brace ourselves in Western Kentucky for yet another winter storm, I, like most others, find myself yearning for spring.  I want to see the beautiful bright colors, smell the new flowers and fresh grass, hear the birds singing as though they are celebrating with us, and feel the warm sun on my skin and the cool breeze blowing my hair. My senses seem to just be begging for rejuvenation and to experience the freshness of a new start that spring brings.

I feel David in this verse of Psalms is doing the same thing; begging for a “spring” in his heart and spirit, a new start from the darkness.  David found himself in a “Winter” and he is just longing for a freshness that only God can provide.

What a Wonderful, Merciful God, He is that He plants the seeds in us then showers us with His love, compassion and forgiveness.  Then from that, the blossoms of a new start fill our hearts anytime we ask. Unlike the yearly seasons that we seem to just sit around and wait for time to pass, God can renew us time and time again by just a simple request of His presence.

Prayer: God, continue to renew our servant heart, creating a steadfast spirit for our residents and each other.  God, thank you for loving us enough to continue to do this each time we ask.  And Lord, I praise you for the yearly seasons, to remind us that there may be some dark, cold, gloomy days, but waiting just around the corner is a new life. We love you…Amen.

Thesha Jones

Director of spirituality