Working Together

Now the relationships are starting to grow. Johnny loves checkers and since Luke was here, they played checkers. They never did tell us who won!

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Doris & The Girls

Our elder, Doris, loves Camp Signature! This week she talked to all of our girls, Doris was loving it. Doris taught school for 40 years and still remembers some of her students. Meeting all these young ladies was definitely the highlight of her day.

Gummy Worm Social

On a lazy day of summer, what better to enjoy than a cup of gummy worms? Not one person could resist these little rainbows of color. You are never too old to enjoy special treats!

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Family Surprise

A new elder came to us last week. On the weekend, he had a very special visit from his children & grand-kids. Mr. Humphries new great-grandson only 5 months old. The new baby was a very exciting event for Mr. Humphries, who never quit smiling.

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Woven Bowl

We took a couple paper plates and turned them into bowls with yarn. It was interesting to see who was going to finish first and how many different colors they used! Mr. Hook surprised us all and showed off a little of his crafty skills!

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Spa Day

“Just Let Your Skin Breathe” – These ladies enjoyed every minute of sitting back and getting a facial. Mrs. Spencer said she loved the blue face mask, blue is her favorite color!

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Sparklers & A Chicken Dinner

What is better than having a delicious chicken dinner and all the trimmings? Sparklers finished the night. Thanks, Destini, for a wonderful time.

Maggie’s Jungle Golf

Camp Signature spent yesterday at Maggie’s Jungle Golf. We went to the petting zoo and later ate at Dairy Queen. Time flies when you’re having fun!

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Mrs. Doris With the Campers

The camper’s loved getting to know Mrs. Crutchfield. Mrs. Crutchfield taught school for 40 yrs. She was so excited to be in the middle of these girls.


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